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At Spire Dental, we offer our patients a variety of services to maintain a smile to be proud of.  Experienced family Dentist Dr. Hardip K. Mutti with the help of her amazing team provides you with the care you deserve. Our focus is to prevent dental diseases so that you can preserve your beautiful smile forever. We can help you to enhance and restore your smile as well. We spend time to make a treatment plan for you. We work as a team and you will be scheduled with the provider that can offer you the best care. If we can't provide the service that you need then we will guide you regarding the next step.


Here are some of services we offer.


Regular Check up and Cleaning


Preventative Dental Treatment 

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Prevention of dental diseases is easier and less expensive than the treatment.

We start seeing patients on their first birthday. At this time the child has only a few teeth. This appointment is an introductory appointment...

To restore the tooth we excavate the decay and fill it up with tooth colored material that blends with the tooth and doesn’t come off. 


Root Canal Therapy




Tooth Extraction

If the decay reaches the pulp (blood vessels and nerves) then we need to clean the tooth upto roots with a Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth is damaged, broken or decayed and restoration (filling) is not good enough to make tooth functional then extra -coronal- restoration ( cap or crown) is advisable.

Like other parts of your body, teeth are meant to stay with you forever, provided you take care of them....


Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Third Molars are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth. If they don't find space to erupt then may cause inflammation/infection of the surrounding tissue. 


Minor Oral Surgical Procedures 

Minor oral surgical procedures like Frenectomy can be performed safely in our office.


Partial Dentures

We make Flexible Partial dentures

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